Sunday, September 19, 2010

style of mind

There's been some talk recently about style, for example the feature in artforum magazine. It's been used to talk about fashion, industrial design and art. Though, in general there is a narrow reading of the term "style" and confusion between "high style," "fashion," and painterly style. Style is a way of doing something, not necessarily the same as something being "stylish." Also, style doesn't only apply to the autographic gestures of painting and drawing, but can be applied to the way an artist thinks.

For example, artists who work conceptually try to say that they are above "style" since they work with ideas. However, there is a "style of mind" and a style of thinking. Certain motifs, objects, themes, materials will repeat in the work of a conceptual artist in much the same way a painter may use similar shapes and colors in their work.

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